Domeniul Coroanei - Chardonay

This Chardonay is a noble wine from a noble vineyard. It was made in 2014 and comes in a bottle of 75 cl. It is a strong dry white wine having 13% alcohol concentration. It also produced in Segarcea, Romania on Domeniile Coroanei land, having the same management like this Piont Noir.  
It's price is around € 7/ bottle. It may be ordered online. But is hard to be found in an ordinary shop. This wine got the silver medal at Challenge International Du Vin - Paris 2011. It has a golden clear color being prepared from manual handpicked grapes with an aging of 210g sugar / litter. 
It has a complex smell of fruit mixed with butter, fresh roasted peanuts and anisa flowers. It may be consumed at a fish table being associated with any kind of fat fish or sea fruits, on grill, in a frying pan or exotic salad of peanuts, nuts and avocado. It may be a culinary success combining it with white sauces pasta, chicken meat without heavy sauces or soft and mild soft cheese like Cambozola, Boucheron, Bel Paese and so on. Best to be consumed between 11-13 Celsius degrees.


David Masterson

David Masterson is an Irish actor born in Dublin, based in Berlin. He had various roles in television and feature movies. One of his last projects is "Arene", a SciFi short movie launched on March 14th 2016.

He established himself as a fine character actor with fine performances in theater and film across Europe. He speaks English and German. You can find more details here .


Domeniul Coroanei - Pinot Noir

This wine is another one from "Prestige" collection. I detailed this in a previous post. "Domeniul Coroanei" is a protocol wine brand used by the Romanian Royal House. This Pinot Noir was produced in 2011 and comes in a 75 cl bottle. It is a strong wine having 13,8% alcohol. It is a dry red wine which won 3 times silver medals in wine contests:
2011 - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2012 and 2013 - China Wine Awards.
The taste is strong and expressive without any typical finesse. Fruit is the dominant taste with a little bit aroma of vanilla and spice. 
This Pinot Noir comes from handpicked grapes de-stemmed and maintained in maceration for 10 days. The wine is aged using French oak barrels for 6 to 8 months. The optimal temperature for opening of this bottle is 16-18 Celsius degrees. It may be used at a table where is consumed beef or pork, preferably medium roasted. It usualy may be bought for 10 €.


Sandinavian Beards

As we have posted before men with beards seem to be sexier nowadays. If someone imagines is really easy to grow a beard let us disagree. Scandinavian Beards is just a another prove it is not. They have a great program for growing and maintaining a beard. They are selling very interesting cosmetic products and becoming popular in the same time.
Company's focus is set n customers and their needs. There is a small group of young people who started this company based on your needs for high-quality products for amazing beards. This company is more like a community where fellow bearded brothers from all over the world are connected each other. In the same time you have the opportunity to buy cosmetic products, get discounts in local specialized grooming shops and much more. I hope you became interested on this concept, for further details click here.


Gilles Beloeil - Assassin's Creed

Everybody knows "Assassin's Creed" - an original computer game developed by a Canadian venture called Ubisoft. We are talking about a game series which seems to never end. 
Assasins Creed fist launched in 2007. Ubisoft continued to develop new games until now having many contributors who made this company so big and important as is nowadays. One of the most interesting persons in this company was Gilles Beloeil. He started from 2007 and had an important role in creating the atmosphere of the game as Senior Concept Artist. He also published art books and digital work related with this game. As you may see above his art was just amazing.


Grid Girls

Everybody knows what a grid girl is. They are present in every motor racing or such kind of competition. They are also known as race queens or pit babes. In United States they are referred as umbrella girls.
These girls were first used in 1967. Before there were only drivers' wives or girlfriends present in races.  In 1983 in France - 24 Hours Le Mans competition - and 1984 in Japan - Suzuka 8 Hours motorcycle competition - the sun cream company "Hawaian Tropic" used some models wearing bikini with the name of the company printed on.

Nowadays they can be found in automobile shows, too and they have a dedicated magazine called "Gals Paradise". You may find some interesting pictures here .


HABITUE' Maccari

Habitue' Maccari is an Italian white wine. It is made in Conegliano , Provincia di Treviso a part of Veneto. This wine comes into a 75cl bottle with only 11% alcohol and can be bought for €4,81. 
It is dry sparkling wine called like this since champagne can be only a wine produce in region Champagne - France. It may be served for starters, can be also combined with a fish meal or with a fruit cocktail. It contains a flower bouquet of many vineyards in the specified area. 


Emporio Armani AR-0486

This is a classic watch with stainless steel case and a black leather wristband. It is water resistant until 50 meters and has a crystal scratch resistant glass. This watch is created for classy people with style and elegance. It combines the old shapes with the most advanced technologies of our days. 

This is an authentic watch which can be tailored with a classical men suit or a casual outfit. It can be used for sports or outdoor activities. It is more used for evening events like a concert, a theater show or a late dinner. It's normal price is £200 but it can be found on ebay for £120.


George Clooney

George was born in May 6th 1961. He is an actor, movie producer and activist. He played in a lot of movies until now being one of the most important male figures in Hollywood. This made him to be a double winner of Oscar prize: once for best supporting act and once as a producer. He has German, Irish and English ancestry. As political views he supported Barack Obama and opposed the Iraq war.

George Clooney is involved in a humanitarian organization called "Not On Our Watch Project". Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, don Cheatle and David Pressman are, too, part of this project. He also organized a fund rising for the victims of Haiti Earthquake in 2010.

He is married with Amal Amaluddin and owns properties in Los Angles, California, Mexic, UK and Italy. He is a very charismatic person having the image of a successful man. 


Rosewein - Lieblich

This is a sparkling wine originated from Republic of Macedonia. This new country used to be part of Yugoslavia in the past. During the Serbian war they split in 5-6 different countries. Macedonia is the most Southern part being situated in North of Greece and having a Mediteranean climate. This makes it a perfect place for agriculture.
Actually almost every plant, fruit or tree in the world can grow in Macedonia. This is the reason why it is called "the garden of gods". If you try this wine you will remember this idea. It will have a rich taste, not only of grapes but other fruits too. And all these qualities are placed in a 1 litter bottle with 10,5% alcohol and a price of €2,5. It is the best price/quality fraction a man can get. You can use it as a desert or just when you enjoy a travel by the sea. The result will be amazing.


Jet Capsule

Let's say a jet sky meet a luxury yacht and the result is the already known: Jet Capsule. This is a concept which started in Italy - the land of various scooter models - in 2009. They first designed a minimalistic boat which can be used on calm water. They implemented 2 beds, a cooking place and a bathroom. Practicaly these are the basic needs of the modern man. Today this is more like a water limousine. It may be used on calm water until of a maximum height of the waves of 4 meter. 
This Jet Capsule is a electric boat using Mastervolt batteries and battery charger. The hull is made in mix using a proprietary formula of fiber glass and carbon by Jelcoat. The engines are produced by Yanmar and the audio system is Bose. There are a lot of configurations in which this boat can be produced and the top speed varies between 20 and 35 knots. This means this is a speed boat.
The company is based in Neaples having two shareholders. They can produce no more than 30 units every year. You may find a configurator on the production company website http://www.jetcapsule.com . Because this boat can be produced in different dimensions and using different options there is a great idea to use it before thinking to order one. Else you can get in contact with the company and ask for a price offer. 

According tu Lazzarinni, this miniature yacht was created to be "a boat small enough to be easily maneuvred, yet spacious enough to take a handful of friends out for drinks, over to a port for an evening's entertainement". For those interested in the mini-yacht of the future Lazzarini has pegged its opening price at $250,000. You can see more details in the movie bellow:


Zzero ZZ29150

Zzero is a Swiss watch producer focused on design, materials and quality for an affordable price. 

The Zzero Z29150 is a vintage watch which is not produced anymore by this company. In the way of trying to be more eco friendly Zzero decided to produce wooden watches a few years ago. The are using in our days only recyclable materials such as wood or textiles. This is why this watch is incredible valuable today and its quality is still a top one. 

ZZ29150 is made of stainless steel and has a rubber wristband . It has an analogue display (using arrows) and uses quartz as a source of energy. It is water resistant (5 ATM) and has a thickness of 46 mm. It has a date display as well. It can not be bought on Ebay, this model being very rare. It's value market is 100£ today.


Principesa Margareta

Segarcea estate is a landmark of quality production as it was first intended by its founder, HM King Carol I of Romania. In sign of recognition and gratitude, today's Crown's Domain Segarcea remains dedicated to the values in force at its foundation in 1884 - excellence, tradition, love and respect towards the land.

Principesa Margareta wine is Romania's first 100% Marselan, plated in Segarcea vineyard in 2005. The production was limited to 6 tones per hectare, in order to ensure a perfect amount of extract. Aged for 18 months in new French oak barrels. Flavors range from strawberry jam to fresh raspberries, tobacco, spices, cocoa, rum, coconut and fine leather. A long and elegant aftertaste of licorice and milk chocolate stands as a proof of the wine's long aging ability.

This wine comes in a 75cl bottle, it contains 13,5% alcohol and it has a fine decorated cartoon box. It was produced in 2009 and its price is 11,5 €.


Alain Delon

Actually this post should sound like: "Alain Delon ." And that's it. Because he is one of the sacred monsters of  cinema and one of the most charismatic men in the entire World, ever. Sure he is 80 years old today being born in November 8th 1935, but he has a great career behind and he was in many situations a role model for people around the world. He was a great French actor playing in more than 100 movies, some of them in Hollywood. More than his movie characters, his spirit and his charm made all women dream and all men think at him as the one they want to become.

Delon was born in  Île-de-France, a suburb of Paris. He went in French Navy fighting as a marine during First Indochina War 1953-1954. He spent 11 months in jail and returned home in 1956. He worked as a porter, waiter, secretary and sales assistant. In 1957 he met Brigitte Auber and she introduced him in Cannes Film Festival. After this he made his film debut - "Quand la femme s'en mele". He publicly declared giving up acting in 1997 but he is still occasionally accepting roles.

He had a full life with a lot of girlfriends, many wives and children. He played a lot of characters in his movies and he became a successful businessman. He bought trotters and promoted fights. He was a movie producer, as well and launched a perfume under his name. Now his brand sells a variety of products as wristwatches, clothing, eyewear, stationery and cigarettes. Delon sunglasses are very popular in Hong Kong since a famous local actor, Cun-Yun-fat, wore them in a movie.

Alain Delon is politically involved in right wing French movement  - National Front - since 2013 when he declared his support for this party and MGC - in Switzerland. He is citizen of Switzerland, too, living in Geneva canton with his two youngest children. All his business are based in Switzerland as well.


Red Oak - Shiraz/Merlot

Red Oak is a red wine originated from South Eastern Australia made from 2 kinds of grapes: Merlot and Shiraz. Shiraz is the Australian national grape type. Merlot is a vine variety well known for its warm softness. The combination of these amazing grapes is giving a wine with a great radiance. 

This is a wine which can be served in the presence of a menu containing a well spiced steak and cheese. It contains 13,5% alcohol, it comes in a 75cl bottle and its price is 8-10 €. 


Ed Westwick Style

Speaking of Chuck Bass, let's say he is impersonated by an English actor named Ed Westwick. 

Following his fashion and style let's try to be Chuck Bass for one day. What do we need ? First we need to find on ebay.co.uk his clothes. This search will start with a long-sleeved buttondown shirt, preferably white color. Its price is 5,48 £ on which means 9 €. The argyle jersey vest, white-red color costs 30 €. We found the bow tie with a price of 4 €. Kaki shorts cost 30 €, too. Argyle socks can be bought for 9,50 €. And the brown-cream shoes cost 20 € as well. This means 102,50 € for this outfit. All the prices including shipping, of course.

If interested you can wear one of the watches presented before and get a glass of quality wine in your left hand (the right hand has to remain free in the way to meet new people). Now you're irresistible.  

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea...

"...But only one Bass!" This is a well know quote from a TV movie called "Gossip Girl". I am pretty sure you know what I am talking about. Yes, his name is Chuck Bass. The most elegant movie character in the last 10 years.

If we're speaking about how a real man should like, this is the perfect model of the 2010's. Let's not involve here the character in the movie. I am talking about outfit and attitude. 

In the picture above you  may see what I am talking about. It is pretty hard for a man to wear a purple butterfly tie. Not when your name is Bass. But the maximum of this picture are the red "Hunter" rubber boots. Until next time... 

XOXO Gossip Girl 


Casio Pro Trek

Another day, another watch. This not a star but is a very good watch. I bought this Casio Pro Trek -500 in 1997. This makes it a vintage watch, right ? And it is still in a good condition. It has multiple functions: barometer, termometer, crono, double screen, green light and is very light comparing its size. This happens because its case is made from a special aluminium-titanium alloy.

What is so special about this watch ? Not much. The most important thing is: this watch has almost 20 years since produced and you can still be cool wearing it. Never got out of style. You can wear such a watch when you do sports: outdoor, indoor, when swimming. It is very resistant an water proof. If you're interested you can buy this model on ebay. The price of it is 175£ - around 200 €.



I don't know if this trend is really representing the men with style, but is becoming more popular with time. Lumbersexuals are men who grow a beard and want to cultivate this outdoor based personality. This lifestyle comes with a specific haircut and look. 

There is already developing an entire industry based on this urban culture. There are beard care products on sale, there exists furniture pieces based on this kind of personality. Actually these kind of men like to build their own furniture using rough, unfinished wooden pieces.
Speaking about this culture and life style, I have a pinterest channel, as well: Hugh LeDuc's pinterest . You can find more pictures like this and more other interesting things there. 

Do you know people who are following this trend ? Feel free to comment and tell us more about being and lumbersexual.


David Beckham

When we are speaking about "men with style" we should talk about David Beckham. He is one of the most representative men in this category. 

After he great carrier as a professional football player, David still has a lot of interesting projects. We can see him here acting as a model in a commercial for the so called worldtimer watch -  Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime. This is a man with style wearing an impressive watch. Such a watch costs around 11.500 € . You can wear it in a vacation or for travel. The best option is if you're plane pilot. Otherwise it can be useful for a trip in middle of nature or wilderness.


Grasa de Cotnari

Grasa de Cotnari is a well known Romanian wine. It comes from Moldavia - Cotnari vineyard. In order to be orginal, these wine should be clear white, a sec or semi-sweet taste, 13,5% alcohol grades and comes in a 750 ml bottle.

This wine can be used as a desert or can be served at lunch or dinner in company of a fish plate or a sweet cheese.  In the picture above it may be seen a "Grasa de Cotnari" from 2011. These kind of wine costs 4€/bottle.