David Masterson

David Masterson is an Irish actor born in Dublin, based in Berlin. He had various roles in television and feature movies. One of his last projects is "Arene", a SciFi short movie launched on March 14th 2016.

He established himself as a fine character actor with fine performances in theater and film across Europe. He speaks English and German. You can find more details here .


Domeniul Coroanei - Pinot Noir

This wine is another one from "Prestige" collection. I detailed this in a previous post. "Domeniul Coroanei" is a protocol wine brand used by the Romanian Royal House. This Pinot Noir was produced in 2011 and comes in a 75 cl bottle. It is a strong wine having 13,8% alcohol. It is a dry red wine which won 3 times silver medals in wine contests:
2011 - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2012 and 2013 - China Wine Awards.
The taste is strong and expressive without any typical finesse. Fruit is the dominant taste with a little bit aroma of vanilla and spice. 
This Pinot Noir comes from handpicked grapes de-stemmed and maintained in maceration for 10 days. The wine is aged using French oak barrels for 6 to 8 months. The optimal temperature for opening of this bottle is 16-18 Celsius degrees. It may be used at a table where is consumed beef or pork, preferably medium roasted. It usualy may be bought for 10 €.


Sandinavian Beards

As we have posted before men with beards seem to be sexier nowadays. If someone imagines is really easy to grow a beard let us disagree. Scandinavian Beards is just a another prove it is not. They have a great program for growing and maintaining a beard. They are selling very interesting cosmetic products and becoming popular in the same time.
Company's focus is set n customers and their needs. There is a small group of young people who started this company based on your needs for high-quality products for amazing beards. This company is more like a community where fellow bearded brothers from all over the world are connected each other. In the same time you have the opportunity to buy cosmetic products, get discounts in local specialized grooming shops and much more. I hope you became interested on this concept, for further details click here.