Zzero ZZ29150

Zzero is a Swiss watch producer focused on design, materials and quality for an affordable price. 

The Zzero Z29150 is a vintage watch which is not produced anymore by this company. In the way of trying to be more eco friendly Zzero decided to produce wooden watches a few years ago. The are using in our days only recyclable materials such as wood or textiles. This is why this watch is incredible valuable today and its quality is still a top one. 

ZZ29150 is made of stainless steel and has a rubber wristband . It has an analogue display (using arrows) and uses quartz as a source of energy. It is water resistant (5 ATM) and has a thickness of 46 mm. It has a date display as well. It can not be bought on Ebay, this model being very rare. It's value market is 100£ today.

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