Domeniul Coroanei - Chardonay

This Chardonay is a noble wine from a noble vineyard. It was made in 2014 and comes in a bottle of 75 cl. It is a strong dry white wine having 13% alcohol concentration. It also produced in Segarcea, Romania on Domeniile Coroanei land, having the same management like this Piont Noir.  
It's price is around € 7/ bottle. It may be ordered online. But is hard to be found in an ordinary shop. This wine got the silver medal at Challenge International Du Vin - Paris 2011. It has a golden clear color being prepared from manual handpicked grapes with an aging of 210g sugar / litter. 
It has a complex smell of fruit mixed with butter, fresh roasted peanuts and anisa flowers. It may be consumed at a fish table being associated with any kind of fat fish or sea fruits, on grill, in a frying pan or exotic salad of peanuts, nuts and avocado. It may be a culinary success combining it with white sauces pasta, chicken meat without heavy sauces or soft and mild soft cheese like Cambozola, Boucheron, Bel Paese and so on. Best to be consumed between 11-13 Celsius degrees.