Casio Pro Trek

Another day, another watch. This not a star but is a very good watch. I bought this Casio Pro Trek -500 in 1997. This makes it a vintage watch, right ? And it is still in a good condition. It has multiple functions: barometer, termometer, crono, double screen, green light and is very light comparing its size. This happens because its case is made from a special aluminium-titanium alloy.

What is so special about this watch ? Not much. The most important thing is: this watch has almost 20 years since produced and you can still be cool wearing it. Never got out of style. You can wear such a watch when you do sports: outdoor, indoor, when swimming. It is very resistant an water proof. If you're interested you can buy this model on ebay. The price of it is 175£ - around 200 €.

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