Ed Westwick Style

Speaking of Chuck Bass, let's say he is impersonated by an English actor named Ed Westwick. 

Following his fashion and style let's try to be Chuck Bass for one day. What do we need ? First we need to find on ebay.co.uk his clothes. This search will start with a long-sleeved buttondown shirt, preferably white color. Its price is 5,48 £ on which means 9 €. The argyle jersey vest, white-red color costs 30 €. We found the bow tie with a price of 4 €. Kaki shorts cost 30 €, too. Argyle socks can be bought for 9,50 €. And the brown-cream shoes cost 20 € as well. This means 102,50 € for this outfit. All the prices including shipping, of course.

If interested you can wear one of the watches presented before and get a glass of quality wine in your left hand (the right hand has to remain free in the way to meet new people). Now you're irresistible.  

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