George Clooney

George was born in May 6th 1961. He is an actor, movie producer and activist. He played in a lot of movies until now being one of the most important male figures in Hollywood. This made him to be a double winner of Oscar prize: once for best supporting act and once as a producer. He has German, Irish and English ancestry. As political views he supported Barack Obama and opposed the Iraq war.

George Clooney is involved in a humanitarian organization called "Not On Our Watch Project". Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, don Cheatle and David Pressman are, too, part of this project. He also organized a fund rising for the victims of Haiti Earthquake in 2010.

He is married with Amal Amaluddin and owns properties in Los Angles, California, Mexic, UK and Italy. He is a very charismatic person having the image of a successful man. 

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