Rosewein - Lieblich

This is a sparkling wine originated from Republic of Macedonia. This new country used to be part of Yugoslavia in the past. During the Serbian war they split in 5-6 different countries. Macedonia is the most Southern part being situated in North of Greece and having a Mediteranean climate. This makes it a perfect place for agriculture.
Actually almost every plant, fruit or tree in the world can grow in Macedonia. This is the reason why it is called "the garden of gods". If you try this wine you will remember this idea. It will have a rich taste, not only of grapes but other fruits too. And all these qualities are placed in a 1 litter bottle with 10,5% alcohol and a price of €2,5. It is the best price/quality fraction a man can get. You can use it as a desert or just when you enjoy a travel by the sea. The result will be amazing.

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